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R-Universe - Search for packages for almost any purpose in a 'one-stop-shop'

Exploring the QChatGPT plugin in QGIS


Animated Map - Showing population growth, state formation and boundary changes in the United States, 1790-2010. Available online at


G3W Suite - QGIS Web Client

 Another interesting QGIS Server Client from Italy to follow Lizmap, QWC2 & Gisquick. Looking forward to more. Introduced last year.

Anyone still exchanging 'shapefiles'?

The humble 'shapefile' is still in use and is still one of the most popular formats for data exchange since the 1990's but the world has moved on and it's time to kill it off. Here is the good and bad of 'shapefiles'. Thanks to  Jachym Cepicky