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Comparative Assessment of the Unsupervised Land Use Classification by Using Proprietary GIS and Open Source Software

Abstract Mapping and investigating land use land cover (LULC) changes over a particular region is crucial for resource management, sustainability development, and holistic planning. An increasing rate of urban growth and urban sprawl could induce changes in land use as well as land transformation. However, accurate and up-to-date information about LULC is required for providing better understanding and assessing the environmental consequences of such changes.  In this study, the 2017 image from the Sentinel-2A Satellite was utilized to demonstrate the land cover classification analysis in Iskandar Malaysia. Usually, land use classification analysis is conducted through proprietary GIS software. However, this decade shows the advancement in software development, thus the emerging of free/open source software in the geospatial world.  Hence, to execute land cover analysis using the Unsupervised Classification technique, the proprietary GIS software (ArcGIS) and free/open source software

PinePhone Pro Is Here! (Exclusive Interview with Pine64)


QFieldCloud now in 'beta' testing

For a long time Open Source GIS users wanted a tool that integrates with QGIS for taking desktop projects out in the field, collecting data 'offline' and syncing the collected back into 'PostGIS'. ESRI users are probably more familiar with 'ArcGIS Workforce' or similar tools but we had to wait or sign up to 'Lutra's 'input/mergin/mappin' suite which looks remarkably similar to QField. Finally...I've got my call up to join the 'QFieldCloud' 'beta' testers. Why not join yourself and preregister here and help make it even better:- This will not 'alas' be a completely free product there will be typical cloud subscriptions attached eventually. Wonder if this 'bee' has a name yet?

Gismodo Article - 'Subscription Expired'

If ever there was a better time to detox from life's 'subscription' based service   model addiction now may be the right time. When I read this article it made me realise why I stay with open source services and software when everyone else (seemingly anyway) seem in a hurry to sign up to proprietary solutions just to have the 'latest' and 'coolest' tool to boast about. It's no secret that the world's corporate leaders are hungry for this model for future growth. I must admit... I'm in the minority here but someone will always 'own' the things that you 'rent' or rely on to do you job and that reminds me that the balance is already tipped 'OUT' of my favour. As the corporates become greater the choice for the rest of us becomes smaller. Enjoy this excellent article...  

Vaccine Passports on Google Android...coming soon! comment!

The new 'Framework' laptop is upgradable and cheaper if you buy a DIY Kit.

Here's a solution we've been waiting for. A laptop you can upgrade. Could be the start of something much more sustainable. Let's hope it gets off the ground with the current worldwide component shortages.

Pinephone keyboard case nearly ready

 I'm really excited about the 'small linux computer' in your pocket concept. This isn't a new concept of course and it's basically a raspberry pi (arm64) ' phone ' that connects to an external monitor in 'convergence' mode. It's blissfully everything the iphone isn't! Here  are some preview product images.


A fantastic bit of work by the Welsh Gov (DataMapWales) team with their implementation of MapStore . 

A love letter to our community, from our community