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Overlaying Raster and Vector datasets with different projection parameters in GRASS GIS

GRASS GIS is an extremely powerful application for manipulating and modelling large raster datasets such as Landsat 8 tiff bands. As GRASS users we are aware the application does not implement 'on-the-fly-projections' to ease the pain when adding data in a different projection in the way QGIS does. The grass developers insist doing so would introduce artifacts and some distortions when taking measurements off the overlayed data, so we have to deal with a 'one location = one projection/zone/datum/ellipsoid' combination.  How do we get our raster images to underlay or overlay our vectors? The golden rule when using GRASS is if in doubt create a new 'location' any time you want to import or use data in a different projection.  I mainly work with just two projections, EPSG:27700 (OSGB36) and EPSG:4326 (WGS 84) and In my case I would define two locations and associated mapsets, one for my everyday working projects in (OSGB36 here in the UK) and one for

The First Tablet and Full PC in One?

Could this be the first Tablet/Full PC all in one unit with Ubuntu? Cannot wait to have one especially if it's under £200!

Geo For All Newsletter Archive

Those of us who need to keep up with developments in the Open Source GIS arena ( may be familiar with the recently posted newsletters. If you are interested i've posted the first batch here; Volume 1 No 1 - August 2015 V olume 1 No 2 - September 2015 Volume 1 No 3 - October 2015 Volume 1 No 4 - November 2015 Volume 1 No 5 - December 2015 Volume 2 No 1 - January 2016 Volume 2 No 2 - February 2016