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QGIS vs ARCGIS The gap is closing...

I've been messing around with the 'gtrendsR' package to see how the big two 'GIS' packages are squaring up on google searches. It shows a slow but steady improvement for 'QGIS' but a 'spike' in 'ArcGIS' too in early 2020. Will try to get some more detailed 'monthly' analysis asap. Updated: 14:56 pm Tue 9th June 2020 RStudio code:- library(gtrendsR) library(tidyverse) library(ggplot2) # You only need to change "QGIS" and "ARCGIS" to alternative google 'keywords' # Assign 'QGIS' and 'ARCGIS' to 'res' res <- gtrends(c("QGIS", "ARCGIS")) # Assign 'res$interest_over_time' to 'iot' iot <- res$interest_over_time # Assign 'iot (and then) filter date' to 'iot2020' iot2020 <- iot %>%   filter(date > as.Date("2015-01-01")) # Assign 'iot2020' to 'ggplot' iot2020 %>%   ggplot()


This looks an interesting concept. I still use both a Nexus 4 and 5 for simplicity. watch?v=fvKUgV-I8Aw Find out more:-

Lenovo are selling more laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed...things can only get better.

Best news! Linux heaven!... 'ubuntu-touch' on mobile phones and tablets and full Ubuntu on your ThinkPad laptop.