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Google Earth Pro is (according to slashgeo) about to be free.

'' have just posted a new entry siting the following:- "The Google Earth Blog (independent from Google) found out that  Google Earth Pro is now free, it was formerly $400 per year. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but as pointed out by a GEB reader,  “the Google Earth licence support page for languages other than English states that from January 20th, 2015 the licence is free.”  The GEB languages other than English list some features available in the Pro version not available in the Free version:  “Although many of the extra features found in Google Earth Pro will only be useful to GIS users, a few features that our readers have expressed interest in using are: the built in movie maker, area and perimeter measurements and the ability to turn off terrain completely.”   You’ll find more details about what the Pro version has to offer on the Google Earth Pro official webpage. Wikipedia lists GIS data importation and advanced printi

QGIS Mobile is dead...long live 'QField'

QGIS has become one of the most successful Open Source GIS projects on the planet. From it's early beginnings as not much more than a Shapefile viewer to an ArcGIS alternative coupled with Grass GIS Modules there is very little general spatial functionality missing... well almost. QGIS was never meant to be a convenient field data entry tool and QGIS for mobile was meant to fill the gap however as of December 2014 the project has been refocused to create a touch optimised interface aimed at field work using the QGIS libraries. 'QField' aims to take your pre-prepared QGIS project out into the field and maintain QGIS styling. Some of the promised tools include:- More GPS centric editing. Desktop compatibility. Synchronisation. Project preparation on QGIS Desktop. Simple interface with just a couple of buttons. Switchable use paradigm Built from Qt5, QtQuick 2 and OpenGL. For a proposed list of functions click here . #document