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Landsat 7 ETM+ SLC-Off Gap Filling Problems

I haven't taken much notice of Satellite Images since Google Maps/Earth released them as a base layer and I did my UNIGIS Course back in 2004. I hadn't even been aware that this particular mid-resolution satellite's scanner had become permanently damaged, thus producing stripes of 'no data' in each band produced. I initially looked to GRASS GIS sure that it would have a solution but alas not as yet until the release of a long overdue module. I've tried 'r.fillnulls', 'r.neighbors' and 'r.patch' but no luck. I found out about the ' frame_and_fill_win32 ' the NASA solution based on the 'ENVI' IDL Virtual Machine and after some effort it worked on all bands except the 'B80 pan-sharpening band' (on Windows), on the Mac it is a £2,700 hit for a 1 year license... hmm maybe not!. Onward and forward to another link: but alas another promise that ended abruptly...oh there has to be a