G3W Suite - QGIS Web Client

 Another interesting QGIS Server Client from Italy to follow Lizmap, QWC2 & Gisquick. Looking forward to more. Introduced last year.

Anyone still exchanging 'shapefiles'?

The humble 'shapefile' is still in use and is still one of the most popular formats for data exchange since the 1990's but the world has moved on and it's time to kill it off. Here is the good and bad of 'shapefiles'. Thanks to  Jachym Cepicky

Make an Open-Source Web Map with QGIS and then uploading it to github


Testing QGIS Server Guide - Published - 21st Dec 2022

Here is a very handy PDF for testing your QGIS Server environment.

GIS Lesson 12 1: Installing QGIS Server and offer WMS / WFS Updated by Riccardo Klinger


QGIS Web Client 2 (stand-alone) version - Development Installation - Part 1 of 2

Before you begin installation (using 'yarn') also at  which was done in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.  This is my own version documentation (as usual to archive my notes and caveats). This will not install all of the 'qwc-services' or 'micro-services' that the additional modules provide. It is the 'stand-alone' version with the web map client.  If you require additional 'micro-services' you may be better off installing 'Docker' containers here Here is an overview of the project as at FOSS 2019. **There will be differences in the package management systems on other linux distros (excluding Windows)** Lets get started! Open a 'Terminal' :~$ sudo apt install npm :~$ sudo npm install -g yarn :~$ git clone --recursive

Overture Mapping Foundation

News is that Meta, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and TomTom are partnering with the Linux Foundation have set up the 'Overture Mapping Foundation' in order to develop 'open' map data. Hopefully this will be for the good of Geo-Spatial data dissemination (or) will it eventually be a monopoly service when it reaches mass?