Why Companies are Kicking Cloud to the Curb


QGIS Now Supports Cesium 3D Tiles - By Danielle Stollak

How to use Libertine / Desktop Apps on Ubuntu Touch - Pixel 3a - GIMP


Newest Privacy phone from /e/OS - The 'Murena 2'

Introducing the 'Murena 2' And in case your wondering...Yes I do use a Murena based Samsung Galaxy as my daily driver!

NSF Grant Awarded to Enhance GRASS GIS Ecosystem

 All Grass GIS users worldwide will benefit funding to this group of people.

Homage to Bart O' Farrell

Going to be presenting at FOSS4G on Thursday in Swansea at the University of Wales Trinity St David and realised this institute was originally called 'West Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education (Wiggy) as we called it then back in the 80s where I was a student in Graphic Design.  On reflection... I wondered what happened to some of those lecturer's and in particular Bart O'Farrell. In homage to this great welsh artist and character I'm posting the only interview I can find of his career while it remains online.

Build 'PCRaster' (from source) on Linux - For calculation of flow accumulation in QGIS... by Hans van der Kwast

$  sudo apt install libboost- all -dev libqt 5 charts 5 -dev libxerces-c-dev libncurses-dev cmake-curses-gui libqt 5 opengl 5 -dev pybind 11 -dev $ git clone --recursive $ cd pcraster && mkdir build && cd build $ cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DPCRASTER_BUILD_TEST= OFF .. $ make -j 4 $ sudo make install $ echo "export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/usr/local/python" >> ~/.bash_profile $ sudo reboot