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Qgis-server...Installing the QGIS Lizmap Plugin & Lizmap Web Client

This post follows on from my previous three (most recent first in list) linked below. There is no doubt that in just a short time from now we will probably see a 'one-click' installer to by-pass the next steps but a least this method allows you to change 'in/out' the individual libraries if there is are updates using the usual ' sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade '. 1.  Firstly...Create a new QGIS project, add your layers from PostGIS, Shapefiles or raster (geotiff), style and symbolise those layers, set the projection and ensure you've set up your 'OWS Server' in 'Project Properties'. 2.  Let's install the 'Lizmap' Plugin first by going into the 'Plugins' menu then 'Manage

Qgis-server...Bringing a map image into the browser on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

So you have your 'GetCapabilities' xml displaying in your browser working as in my post of Friday 22nd July 2016 NO? are some issues to check back in the QGIS project file before we move on. Check the 'Project Properties' under the 'Project' menu, go to the 'OWS server' tab. Below is an example of of how I've set up mine.  and here is the bottom bit you cannot see in the above image... Ensure under 'Save Paths' in the 'General' Tab it is set to 'relative'. Note that the layers you are going to select for the WMS service are ticked under 'Published' in the WFS capabilities table. Moving on to setting up your 'Add layer(s) from WM(T)S Server' button on the 'Manage Layers Toolbar' Ensure your url is pointing at 'http://yourhost/cgi-bin/project/qgis_mapserv.fcgi?'it i