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Pinephone with detachable 'clamshell' keyboard...alas not just yet!

As a huge fan of 'Pine64'  I was delighted to see this announcement in their recent newsletter. Owning a device which allows not only allows the most 'private' experience possible from prying governments and corporates but it also allows me to use all the linux apps I've got so used to (within the limits of an 'arm64' phone) such a refreshing approach. Hope to see much more from these guys in the future. 'Pine64' commented on the proposed new design:- "After some consideration we have opted to go with a clamshell design for the keyboard. The PinePhone is large and heavy enough to be unwieldy when held by a thin slab of plastic such as that of a slide-out keyboard. This clamshell design can, however, be folded practically flat so it is comfortably used without placing the device on a surface. The keyboard section also holds a large (probably 5000mAh) battery, which not only more-than-doubles the phone’s stand-by time but

QGIS vs ARCGIS The gap is closing...

I've been messing around with the 'gtrendsR' package to see how the big two 'GIS' packages are squaring up on google searches. It shows a slow but steady improvement for 'QGIS' but a 'spike' in 'ArcGIS' too in early 2020. Will try to get some more detailed 'monthly' analysis asap. Updated: 14:56 pm Tue 9th June 2020 RStudio code:- library(gtrendsR) library(tidyverse) library(ggplot2) # You only need to change "QGIS" and "ARCGIS" to alternative google 'keywords' # Assign 'QGIS' and 'ARCGIS' to 'res' res <- gtrends(c("QGIS", "ARCGIS")) # Assign 'res$interest_over_time' to 'iot' iot <- res$interest_over_time # Assign 'iot (and then) filter date' to 'iot2020' iot2020 <- iot %>%   filter(date > as.Date("2015-01-01")) # Assign 'iot2020' to 'ggplot' iot2020 %>%   ggplot()


This looks an interesting concept. I still use both a Nexus 4 and 5 for simplicity. watch?v=fvKUgV-I8Aw Find out more:-

Lenovo are selling more laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed...things can only get better.

Best news! Linux heaven!... 'ubuntu-touch' on mobile phones and tablets and full Ubuntu on your ThinkPad laptop.

Looking for a single board low cost 'travel' laptop for everyday web surfing?

I was looking for a raspberry pi laptop, the idea that you can have a single board computer with every component inside screwed down and thus being upgradable in the future,  I might for example upgrade the pi with a newer board or with add-on modules for different functionality such as a bigger 'SSD' but all I could find was this type of thing... not exactly what I had in mind. The 'PiTop' I started to 'google' around the subject and to think about other scenarios, what if I could have a single board mobile phone that I can install any linux operating system onto then connect peripherals via bluetooth or a tablet that can boot from a microSDHC card and be rid of 'Google' spyware and a laptop that looks like a laptop with decent battery life, runs Ubuntu, and costs little more than an M+S multi-packet of crisps. Well... I found all I need with ' ' that is a very very interesting prospect because I believe that technolo

Covid-19 Interactive Map (daily updates)

The departement of Public Health of the Strasbourg University Hospital (GMRC, Prof. Meyer) and the Laboratory of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics of the Strasbourg  Medicine Faculty (Prof. Sauleau), to the extent of their means and expertise, are contributing to the fight against Covid-19 infection. Doctor Fabacher has produced an interactive map for global monitoring of the infection, accessible at : This map, which complements the Johns Hopkins University tool (Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE), focuses on the evolution of the number of cases per country and for a given period, but in terms of incidence and prevalence. It is updated daily. The period of interest can be defined by the user and it is possible to choose  : The count of new cases over a period of time or the same count in relation to the population of the country (incidence). The total case count over a period of time or the same count

QField Cloud

QField syncing at last...!