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Processing Landsat 8 bands in Grass GIS

QGIS seems to get all the attention these days and perhaps rightly so. Grass on the other hand shows no sign of waning in the 'SAAS' world, if anything it has a continuing loyal bunch of users but in South Wales (UK) it is the outsider, it has an odd non microsoft like non-conforming interface. If you listen to the I.T departments it is too difficult for users to grasp, has an old fashioned command line and odd sounding module names like "i.fusion.brovey". Two years ago i would have walked the other way but since version 6 and a Python GUI there really is worthy alternative. As with anything considered 'too' difficult for newcomers (fed up with 'newby') the long nights spent trying to grapple with 'mapsets' and 'regions' will eventually give way and reward you with the power and control over your work flows, customisations, alternative's and options in fact the Grass complexity hides a very simple no nonsense 'frill free'