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Ever get fed up with installing software then upgrading every so often? 'rollApp' is another example of 'SaaS' but larger government departments and companies may find the cost of doing this work often more than the cost of the pricing polices of running the software in the 'cloud'. In the UK this amounts to £71.88 or £5.32 a month (at time of writing) for individual accounts. There is a discount if your on the 'premium for groups' level which is £471.59 a month for 100 users.

A quick search on the apps reveals that there appear to be all of the FOSS applications you would need including spatial and mapping ( 'RStudio'). I've tried the 'free' tier and the performance is very good and usable as long you don't 'save' anything to local disk or cloud. Worth a try even just for the convenience of being able to use your applications on any device!


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